Our Wine List

New Jersey Sweet Wines

  • Blackbird $21

    An enticing blend of Blackberry wine and Syrah. Loaded with notes of blackberry jam, hints of spice, and a delightfully sweet finish

  • Peach-O $22

    A semi-sweet sipper made from a blend of Pinot Grigio and peach wine. Fresh peach aroma and candied peach flavors abound.

  • Sweet Jane $17

    Made from Niagara grapes. A lush and sweet white with flavors of grape candy and lemon.

  • Harmony $21

    A bold Concord wine, dripping with intense grape flavor.

  • Blue Moon Port $26

    Port style wine made from blueberries and Merlot. This wine is fortified with brandy and is 18.5% alcohol. Bursting with blueberry and spice flavor.